Some of our favorite musician jokes

1.  Q:   How can you tell when there's a bad drummer at the door?  

       A:  The knocking speeds up.


2. How many bass players does it take to screw in a light bulb? 

       A:  None.  The piano player does it with her left hand.


3.  What is the difference between an bagpipe and a trampoline?

         A: You're supposed to take your shoes off before you jump on a trampoline.


4.  How can you tell a trombone player's child at the playground?

        A: They don't know how to operate the slide, and they can't swing.


5.  What is the difference between a soprano and a terrorist?

        A:  You can negotiate with a terrorist.


 6. Why are violins smaller than violas?

         A: They aren't. The violinists' heads are just bigger.


7.  How can you tell if a banjo player is playing on a level stage?

        A: Drool runs out both side of his mouth.


8.  What was the original name for the trombone?

       A: Pneumatic pitch approximater.












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