Terry "T-Bone" Nagel

Trombone, Electric Mandolin

Terry “T-Bone” Nagel has been playing the trombone since the Eisenhower administration, and more or less has it figured out.  During the Kennedy years, he found a mandolin in his grandmother’s attic, and set about learning old popular songs like “Goofus” and “Up a Lazy River.”  Eventually he built his first electric instrument, the Bat Mandolin, and formed The Mongers, a high school band whose motto was “Strange Music for Any Occasion.” His current electric mandolin is a Fender 5-string.

In the 60’s, through a series of odd coincidences, T-Bone was hired to tour France in the horn section of a soul band, and spent most of the  summer on the Riviera.  He met a clueless French gigolo there who inspired his song “St. Tropez Cowboy,” recorded with Doug and Lynn about 30 years later. If you come to the Black Sheep and put a few dollars in the tip bucket, we’ll give you a copy.